Sunday, January 15, 2012

Reception Problem fixed for Apple iphone 5

Lots of owners of Apple iphone4 made complaints of reception problems, this was as a result of the iPhone4's metal (aluminium) back cover. This reception issue was termed as "Antenna Gate" and  gave Apple a negative reputation where the iPhone 4 is concern. However, this problem is said to have been fixed and will not be experienced in the iPhone 5 set to release in the second quarter of this year.
 Apple made it clear that they will be replacing the aluminium back panel cover with either plastic or rubber which will solve all antenna problem experienced in the iPhone 4.
Apple surely doesn't want a replay of the discrimination the faced  with the iPhone 4, and have made the step forward to continue their market dominance journey. 
Meanwhile, consumers are anxiously anticipating this huge release and likewise, Apple expect to double the sales made on iPhone4 last year.  

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