Sunday, January 15, 2012

iPhone 5 set to release in September

iPhone 5The highly anticipated Apple iPhone 5 is highly likely to be released in September of this year.
 There are no secrets that people never expected the iPhone 4S to launch in September 2011. In all probabilities they thought that the new iPhone will be the iPhone 5. But at last, Apple came out with the iPhone 4S, which was a retouched iPhone 4 to be honest. Ben Reitzes at Barclays capital is of the opinion that the iPhone 5 will also launch in the month of September.
Ben also commented on iPhone’s popularity in China. He believes that Apple is in talks with Unicom to launch the iPhone 5. He goes on saying that there are 10 million jailbroken iPhone devices that work on the China mobile network and Apple is desperate to launch the iPhone this time in collaboration with some carrier in China.
There are other speculation that the Apple iPhone 5 might even release before September. These speculations are that the giant smart phone might enter the market in August, similar to the time period in which the iPhone 4 was released. 
With all been said,it is clear that whether released in August or September, the Apple iPhone5 will be devoured buy the mass in quick succession. 

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